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Petros A.
Montclair, NJ
Efficient and reliable work. Excellent service.  
on 9/11/2017 for an auto repair of their Toyota

Kristine A.
Montclair, NJ
Eric is great!  
on 9/8/2017 for an auto repair of their BMW

Deborah M.
The best, the best, the best! I've been going here for 20 years and I don't go anywhere else. The work is topnotch, the prices are fair, and Eric is reliable, trustworthy, and delightful to work with.  
on 8/15/2017 for an auto service

Diane B.
Montclair, NJ
Highly knowledgeable, competent, professional, honest, and reasonably priced.  
on 7/11/2017 for an auto service of their Volkswagen

Richard W.
West Orange, NJ
This shop is run by true professionals. Some indicators: 1. The shop is always busy. 2. The shop is always quiet. 3. The shop is always clean. 4. Questions are answered simply and accurately. 5. Pre-work estimates are accurate within 5-8% of actual charges. 6. Any post-service issues are handled instantly and free of charge. I could go on...  
on 7/11/2017 for an auto service of their Audi

Ron S.
Weehawken, NJ
Eric is very ethical and fair. He discusses the estimate before performing repairs. Excellent track record in terms of quality of repairs. No surprises!!  
on 6/19/2017 for an auto repair of their BMW

Joseph I.
Montclair, NJ
Consistently excellent in all ways.  
on 5/31/2017 for an auto service of their Audi

Corliss A.
The owner, Eric, is extremely reputable. The prices are very fair and they never suggest unnecessary work. Though it is not a place where you can sit and wait, they update you on any concerns via phone while your car in
servicing. I highly recommend Hoffman's.  
on 5/21/2017 for an auto service

The best I have ever experienced anywhere. Eric is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and an absolute pleasure to deal with. They have my full trust.  
on 5/16/2017 for an auto service

Robert F.
Nutley, NJ
Small shop that is customer oriented not like the busy, huge dealerships. Quality work and reasonable prices.  
on 5/16/2017 for an auto service of their BMW

Aaron A.
North Caldwell, NJ
Quality work
done quickly for an honest price. Very accommodating.  
on 5/4/2017 for an auto repair of their Acura

Neil D.
Livingston, NJ
Excellent and reliable service. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.  
on 4/24/2017 for an auto service of their Saab

Wade E.
Bloomfield, NJ
Quality people work there and top notch work on your vehicle is assured.  
on 3/25/2017 for an auto service of their BMW

Andrew O.
Glen Ridge, NJ
They are honest, knowledgeable and friendly.  
on 3/23/2017 for an auto service of their Mini

Jerry M.
Sparta, NJ
Eric is the best!!!  
on 3/20/2017 for an auto repair of their BMW

Paul De K.
Clifton, NJ
Hoffman's has an outstanding knowledge of automotive repairs and vehicle technology issues.  
on 2/23/2017 for an auto repair of their Saab

Herman L.
Jersey City, NJ
I would tell them that Hoffman's is a rare find in North Jersey, where even the "good" mechanics rip you off a little. Eric is an actual German mechanic, trained in Germany; and you sense it in the way he deals with you as a customer. Very straightforward, honest, and competent. He found a way to do a repair for us, for a few hundred dollars, which would have cost thousands anywhere else. And I was pretty sure my ABS brakes needed work, and he checked them and assured us they were fine. Most other shops would have worked on them, anyway. We got a printed estimate of what it would cost, before the work, and it was finished, on time, and exactly as promised. And their prices are competitive! If you have a foreign car in North Jersey, Hoffman's is a safe bet. Herman Lange  
on 1/24/2017 for an auto service of their Volkswagen

He does excellent work and very responsive when you need him.  
on 1/21/2017 for an auto service

Carolyn C.
Very thorough. Excellent job and I would highly recommend Eric.  
on 1/16/2017 for an auto service of their BMW

Wilma H. Montclair NJ
I've been working with Eric for 20+ years from my 1986 Mitsubishi I 
brought when I moved to Montclair to my current 1998 Honda which has been under Eric's "care" since I bought the car.

Brack H. Clifton NJ
I recently 
brought my car to Eric for the first time and was totally blown away by his professionalism and personal demeanor. He is a really nice guy and went out of his way to explain in detail the issue with my car. He gave me options and let me choose what was best. He was honest and straight forward. He fixed my Audi which was leaking fluids all in a matter of hours. I will absolutely be taking my car to him from now on.

Kimberly M. Morristown NJ
Hoffman's is the place to go if you need any kind of service done on your vehicle. As others have mentioned I think its hard to find a good, talented and most importantly honest mechanic. Eric is definitely that kind of guy and will never do work unnecessarily. He's very thorough in explaining any work that needs to be done and gives you a fair assessment and options on 
whats immediately needing to be done and what can safely wait if you are worried about expenses. I've had Eric do service on a BMW, Acura and now will bring my Audi to him for sure. Go to him once and you will see he will become your go to mechanic that you will recommend over and over again!

Dan M. Verona NJ 
Eric's a great guy and doesn't do the 
shaddy haggling thing that other mechanics do. I've only seen him once but he seems really honest and does great work. I'll be going back to him.

Rick R. Bronx, NY
Hoffman's is my "go to" mechanic for any complex auto repair needs. Eric provides accurate and timely service, obtains approval for costs before starting work, and delivers his work on time. When I lived in the area, other mechanics referred me to Hoffman when the job
wasto complex. Now, I drive 40 miles to get to him, just a great mechanic, highly recommend.

Rob M. Basking Ridge, NJ
Eric; the owner is hands on. He does an amazing job and is always accommodating regarding my schedule. I had a Mercedes and now a BMW which I've been 
taking to him for years. Although, I use to take my vehicles to the dealership to be serviced and was fairly happy with the work that was completed; I wasn't happy with the prices I was paying. I found that his work is as good if not superior to that of the dealership, at about half the cost. He always lets me know if any additional work needs to be completed, but never does anything without my consent first. I don't feel like he's trying to push his services on me as I did in the past when having my car serviced at the dealership. I've recommended numerous friends with foreign automobiles and all have been just as happy as I have been, with his service.

Richard C. Lyndhurst, NJ 
It's always a concern when taking a car in to be repaired that there's going to be something else wrong you didn't notice or what seems like a small thing is actually something major. On top of 
that you have to worry if you are going to find someone that will tell you honestly what's wrong and not charge you $500 for replacing a light bulb. I've never had that worry with Eric, the work I've had done on my car has always been professional and I've had no complaints. If there have been other things wrong I know it's not because he want's to get some more money out of me. I've made personal recommendations to others to go there when needed and I'll go out of my way to get him to work on my car because the piece of mind it worth it. Dealerships may be good but they certainly don't care as much about their work. 

Per L. Montclair, NJ 
Expert. Fair. Friendly. Eric, the owner truly cares about the safety and performance of my car. Plus, you can drop the car off, and walk to the train station.

Ben S. Highland Park, NJ 
Great service and extremely knowledgeable owner. Excellent place to bring your European car (Saab especially) after the warranty runs out. Drove over 20 miles to bring my car to Hoffman's and would return without hesitation.

Lee D.
Montclair, NJ
Eric's been my mechanic since 1990's when I had an Electrical issue that another garage could not fix & they recommended Hoffman's, which fixed the issue. 
on 12/16/2015 for an auto service of their Volvo

Matt S.
Montclair, NJ
Eric is an outstanding mechanic and business owner. He says what he is going to do and he follows through, promptly, efficiently, and at a fair and reasonable price. He greets you by name and will take the time to address your concerns and explain in clear language what is going on with your car. He inspires confidence and loyalty and is a pleasure to work with. Top drawer, without question. 
on 11/9/2015 for an auto repair of their VOLVO

Neil D.
Livingston, NJ
Eric is extremely reliable, honest, and skilled. I would recommend him highly. 
on 10/24/2015 for an auto repair of their Saab

Alan K.
Weehawken, NJ
I have been in the retail automobile (new car dealership) business for over 30 years. When you find a clean floor in an auto repair shop... you're in the right place to get your automobile serviced. My experience with Hoffman's Auto Repair, in a 5 Star rating system, is a 6 Star endorsement! Alan Kehrier 
on 10/15/2015 for an auto repair of their Audi

Robert S.
I would tell them the communication and quality of
workwas excellent, and I would highly recommend the shop! 
on 9/17/2015 for an auto service

Steve M.
Bloomfield, NJ
I would recommend Hoffman's; knowledgeable and trustworthy experts.
on 9/14/2015 for an auto service of their Volkswagen

Steve M.
Bloomfield, NJ
Very satisfied! 
on 9/6/2015 for an auto repair of their Volkswagen

Brian V.
Bloomfield, NJ
Hoffman's Auto Repair as
greatservice,they are professional, and very reliable. 
on 8/29/2015 for an auto repair of their Honda

Chelsea C.
Honest, fast, personal service. Best mechanic I've had! 
on 8/26/2015 for an auto service

They really take the time to do a good job 
on 8/22/2015 for an auto service

Diane B.
Montclair, NJ
Professional, thorough, and reasonably priced. All around excellent service! 
on 8/13/2015 for an auto service of their Volkswagen

Jim B.
South Orange, NJ
Excellent. Eric is very helpful. 
on 7/10/2015 for an auto repair of their Saab

Great service, fair price, No BS 
on 7/9/2015 for an auto service

Joel N.
Eric inspires confidence and is an absolute pleasure to deal with. 
on 6/15/2015 for an auto service

Ray G.
USE HIM! Eric is knowledgeable, fast, and thorough and polite. 
on 5/28/2015 for an auto service

Diane R.
The best
mechanicsaround,, also, so personable & friendly!!! 
on 5/23/2015 for an auto service

Paul W.
I have recommended Eric to all my friends in Montclair,
glenridge, Bloomfield and cedar grove I tell tell them he does excellent work at fair prices And he stands behind his work 
on 3/31/2015 for an auto service

Diana M.
Excellent and knowledgeable! I felt super sure my VW would be fixed without the usual "but I don't fix VWs." A real professional. 
on 2/25/2015 for an auto service

Sonia T. C.
New Milford
I've been a customer for the past 14+ years and I can truly say that I am lucky to have met someone like Eric. His passionate, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him for his
work,honesty and patience. Thank you. STC 
on 2/14/2015 for an auto repair of their Saab

Maureen F.
To go there. Super service and professionalism and completely trust that they are doing a great job without trying to pull the wool over your eyes. I feel lucky to have found them. 
on 2/9/2015 for an auto service

Pascale S.
Bloomfield, NJ
The service is excellent. I am beginning to trust Eric, and am more willing to ask questions. He
ispatient , and very forthcoming with information. 
on 2/6/2015 for an auto repair of their BMW

Morris Plains, NJ
2nd to none!! Eric is the most knowledgeable mechanic I have ever spoken with. But, he also explains repairs in layman's terms. 
on 2/6/2015 for an auto service of their FORD

Peter K.
Bedminster, NJ
I would
on 1/12/2015 for an auto repair of their Nissan

Paul De K.
Clifton, NJ
Absolutely the best place to have your car serviced in terms
ofcompetance, honesty, and reasonable cost. 
on 12/23/2014 for an auto repair of their Saab
Eric was thorough and patient in diagnosing a chronic engine problem, he communicated clearly and openly about how the repairs he recommended were likely to correct the problem, and he completed the work on time and on budget. He was "spot on" with the repair and I drove away a very satisfied customer. 
on 12/7/2014 for an auto service

Drew S.
Short Hills, NJ
The best automobile service I've ever experienced!
Thankyou Eric!
on 11/5/2014 for an auto repair of their Saab

Friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, reasonable. Where my mechanic failed to even attempt to look at an issue, Eric had no qualms about taking a look (and even taking time to scrape a melted plastic bag off my engine!). Definitely found my new go-to guy. 
on 10/29/2014 for an auto service

TinKo A.
Bloomfield, NJ
"I'm very satisfied with the services Eric and his company provided. I would not hesitate to use his expertise again.I should have found him earlier" 
on 10/27/2014 for an auto repair of their BMW

Jill B.
Bloomfield, NJ
Eric does quality work. He is very knowledgeable about Saabs and we trust or cars with him. 
on 10/13/2014 for an auto repair of their Saab

Karen H.
Montclair, NJ
Eric was informed, smart, straightforward, and easy to work with. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future. I have an aging BMW and it is a godsend to have someone so trustworthy to guide me through decisions regarding repairs and upkeep.
on 10/2/2014 for an auto repair of their BMW

Paul De K.
Clifton, NJ
Superb service and
highlyknowledgable staff. 
on 9/10/2014 for an auto repair of their Saab

Excellent, reliable, and friendly service 
on 8/6/2014 for an auto repair of their Toyota

Denny K.
North Caldwell, NJ
Eric and his crew are great. Personal and professional attention at all times. Knows his stuff. 
on 7/22/2014 for an auto repair of their Saab

Paul B. A.
Montclair, NJ
Would give a thumbs up... 
on 7/17/2014 for an auto repair of their Mazda

Neil D.
Livingston, NJ
Customer service and work are both excellent. Eric Lehne is extremely reliable and easy to do business with. He has earned my trust and respect 
on 7/17/2014 for an auto service of their Saab

Jason T.
Wayne, NJ
Excellent work and excellent customer service. eric is fantastic. I'm very pleased. 
on 7/16/2014 for an auto repair of their Honda

Thomas H.
Paterson, NJ
Excellent service. Honest diagnostics. 
on 7/9/2014 for an auto repair of their Audi

Bill K.
Glen Ridge, NJ
very friendly, sincere and trustworthy; clear communication on what needs to be done and what can wait a little longer. 
on 7/8/2014 for an auto repair of their Honda

If you need expert and professional car care and friendly and courteous personal interaction, go to Hoffman's. 
on 6/5/2014 for an auto service
Excellent service. 
on 5/14/2014 for an auto repair of their Saab

Paul De K.
Clifton, NJ
Superb work and they typically
adviseme of items that will require work going forward in the near term future. This makes planning future work on our cars all that much easier 
on 4/26/2014 for an auto repair of their Saab
Hoffman's Foreign Auto is a clean organized shop. The owner takes so much care in scheduling your car in to make for the quickest service. I am usually in and out with my car very quickly. They communicate the issues very clearly and lay out for you the process of coming back if there is warranty work involved. I am nothing but happy with the shops performance. 
on 4/25/2014 for an auto service

Rose V.
They are very good at what they do. 
on 4/16/2014 for an auto service

Denny K.
North Caldwell, NJ
Eric and his staff are great. I entrust two very fine vehicles in his care. 
on 4/11/2014 for an auto repair of their Saab
If you want quality work done at a fair price go to Hoffman's! Nicest guys in the auto repair business. 
on 4/4/2014 for an auto service of their Mercury
Only use once for an emergent matter and was impressed with their knowledge and attentiveness: got my attention very fast. Will be using for all my future maintenance and repairs. 
on 4/3/2014 for an auto service

Everything I read on Saab net about Hoffman's Auto was true. Hoffman's Auto has strong knowledge of SAAB cars. I have taken my SAAB twice because other mechanics could
notfigured out what the problem was, but Hoffman Auto fixed both times quickly and at a fair price. It was worth driving extra miles to get there. 
on 3/28/2014 for an auto repair of their Saab
Efficient, professional, and friendly 

Kevin C.
In my opinion Hoffman's Auto Repair is the most professional auto repair shop in the Montclair, NJ area! Eric the owner never makes you feel rushed, always giving his total attention to your concerns. The next time your car needs repair, got to Hoffman's. You will never regret it, trust me. They are that good! 
on 3/27/2014 for an auto service